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SECure It Sleeves 

SECure It Sleeves

What is RFID?
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that allows electronic readers to access information embedded into a credit card, passport, ID card, enhanced drivers license or transit card. The electronic reader sends a signal, which is received by an antenna embedded in the card, activating the RFID chip. The RFID chip in the cards emits all information needed to complete the transaction.

What is the current status of RFID cards?
Approximately 10% of all credit cards are currently using RFID chips, including 13.56MHz contactless cards and EPC UHF Gen 2 ID cards. Over the next few years, credit card companies hope to have switched all of the old "magnetic strip" cards over to RFID technology. It simplifies and speeds up the check out process.

Federal Mandate HSPD-12 requires all government agencies to switch to a new ID card that uses RFID. This mandate also requires government employees to protect these cards using a blocking sleeve.

All US Passports issued since October 2006 have RFID chips.

Each year, more states are issuing special "enhanced" drivers license (EDLs) with RFID chips. This allows the information to be scanned from a wallet while you are still in your car, expediting travel across borders.

Why are protective sleeves necessary?
Electronic RFID readers are easily available for purchase. RFID chips operate using various radio frequencies and can be read from distances that range from a few inches to 20meters.

SKIMMING can occur from unauthorized scanners, putting holders of RFID cards at risk for theft of personal information. Our SECure IT Sleeves provide a secure barrier by limiting the flow of RF energy between an electronic reader and smart card or RFID device.

How do I know if my credit/debit card has an RFID chip?
Cards that display this symbol contain a RFID chip.

Potential RFID Blocking Uses
RFID Contactless Smart Cards
Gen 2 Credentials
Driver's License
E Passports
Employee IDs
Access Control Cards

What do you offer in SECure IT RFID Sleeves?

Paper Paper Tyger Defender is a multi-ply laminate that contains a security barrier, providing powerful RFID shielding. It is also moisture and tear resistant.

It is FIPS-201 approved and offers faster, easier compliance with current Federal legislation, including the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHIT), the Real ID Act and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD).

32# Bond Weight
4.2 caliper
Secure barrier at 13.56MHz and 860-980MHz

Envelope sizes SEC is a custom manufacturer that can offer many size or style sleeves. We have over 325 dies currently in stock and are ready to work with you to engineer the design of your choice.

Credit Card sleeve die lines 2 available:
Open end, center seam -
Open side, side seam -

Design the sheet can be printed offset or digitally, embossed or foiled. We can convert your printed sheets or handle the job entirely. Our digital presses allow complete personalization for all quantities, both large and small.

Turn times depend on paper availability, quantity ordered, print/emboss/foil selection. Orders using stock on hand will take approx. 7-10 working days depending on proof approval.

Larger orders will require longer turns to allow for paper delivery. Paper generally arrives 5-7 working days after placement of order, plus another 7-10 days for printing and envelope manufacturing, depending on proof approval.

SECure It Sleeves as a Promotional Piece
SECure It Sleeves serve as a successful marketing/promotional leave behind. Not only does the SECure It Sleeve advertise your message every time a credit/debit card is used, it has a lower cost per unit than many other traditional promotional items.

Contact us to talk with an SEC expert.

Open End, Center Seam
SECure It CC Sleeve

Open Side, Side Seam
SECure It CC Sleeve

Contact us to talk with an SEC expert

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